Incorporating ICT in education has opened up great possibilities to improve the relevance, quality and accessibility of teaching and learning processes. However, it is not sufficient to deliver equipment and connectivity, there is still a need to address, at the same time, a change in school organisation, in teacher digital competence, greater student involvement with learning, among other challenges to explore further in educational ICT.

TEKIT is a Centre for Applied Research in Technology and Education, whose mission is to contribute to the development, technical assistance, and dissemination toward the effective integration of ICT in teaching and learning processes within different educational contexts.


The TEKIT Center is responsible for:

  • Researching the impact of the use of technology in the education system.
  • Designing and developing technological tools to facilitate learning.
  • Creating teaching materials contextualised to the school curriculum for the effective integration of ICT in education.
  • Generating teacher training programmes in ICT and education.
  • Transferring and disseminating knowledge about the use of technology in the educational process.


  • Emerging technology (markers, AR, VR, m-learning and others).
  • Teacher training.
  • Design of digital resources for teaching and learning.
  • Media education.
  • Inclusive education and ICT.